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DR-400 blocks MP carriers in 2016.3.1?

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DR-400 blocks MP carriers in 2016.3.1?

Postby dilbert » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:28 am

2016.4.3 WIN 10 Intel I3 Nvidia GEforce 210

I have 2016.3.1 installed on 3 separate machines and 2016.4.3 on a fourth. Installed JBSIM DR-400 on two of the 2016.3.1 machines, in order to check visibility (found one DR can see another in MP, but a different aircraft only sees blue and yellow token).

Subsequently, tried to run MP carriers on one of them; but when I tried to change aircraft to Nimitz, it said it needed to be updated. When I clicked update, it totally disappeared from the hangar. Then tried a downloaded version of MP Carriers in My Hangar, but program wouldn't recognize it either.

Discovered nature of situation checking third machine, where DR-400 was not installed and Nimitz appeared without update notification.

Went back to second machine, which also showed Nimitz needed updating; but this time, deleted the DR-400 from installed aircraft before running; after which, when I reran, Nimitz appeared normally in installed aircraft without the update required notification.

Checked and found problem has been resolved in 2016.4.3.

.Apologize for my prior mis-posting where I identified all machines as being 2016.4.3.
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