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VKB Gladiator MKII with t-rudders

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VKB Gladiator MKII with t-rudders

Postby MikeSky » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:50 pm

Hello @all,

I`m using the VKB Gladiator with the rudder paddles in FG. The rudders can be plugged in directly to the joystick.
In my monitoring tools I can see, that all axis are working, even the rudder.
If I start FG and try to configure the joystick for helicopter flight, die joystick axis are all working properly accept the rudders.
When pressing the paddles nothing happens.
So I'm not able to use the rudders.
The rudder came with an "blackbox" to use them, even if you don't have a VKB joystick.
If I plug the rudders inside the blackbox, the rudders show up as a second device.
In this case I can configure the rudders in FG.
Does anyone know, why the devices are not working in the first case?
Do I have to configure it in another way?
It would be kind, if anyone have some advices.
By the way, i'm using Win10
Thanks for your help

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