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Joysticks, pedals, monitors.

New User New Setup

Postby manners » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:14 am

Hey guys

I have been looking at this after using FSX, I'm fascinated with the Boeing 737 and am determined to get build something realistic long term.

I've therefor been trying to set this up to use several monitors. the plan is I will have 3 projectors to provide 180 degree Scenery
then use 3 monitors for the instrumentation. along with some Saitek and Goflight Hardware

I currently have the yoke pedals and quadrant on their way. I will most likely order the 737 overhead panel from Goflight at somepoint

Anyways back to the problems....

So using the Camera Views from the wiki I can now get the 3 projectors working fine however these show the instrumentation as well as scenery

I have also tried looking at FGpanel however because I'm on windows I haven't got it, the wiki says I can get it from Jenkins but it doesn't seem to exist there either.

Can someone help with how i will get this working the way i would like or how on earth i can get FGpanel?
Is there somewhere i can download panels for Phi?
the setup i would like is as is in this video

Any help is greatly appreciated
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