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Welcome to the AI Traffic Subforum

Postby durk » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:45 pm

Hi All,

If you're specifically browsing the the AI Traffic sub forum, chances are that you are interested in using / enhancing / hacking FlightGear's AI traffic system. As agreed during the forum reorganization discussions a while ago, I mentioned that I would place a few initial posts here that may help new forum members to get started. Most relevant information related to AI traffic can be found on the FlightGear wiki pages. In particular, the following pages might be of interest: This page gives a general overview of the AI systems available in FlightGear Gives an overview on how to create complex air traffic, based on real world time tables. Note that this page also covers the intricacies of creating Ground Networks; the logistical routing network needed to make traffic behave realistically at airports.

Note that in the near future I'm trying to compile a list of airports for which we already have ground networks, and what the status is of each network. I will also add a new topic that lists all airports for which we have traffic files available.

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