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Transall C-160 Wingman Scenario needs help

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Transall C-160 Wingman Scenario needs help

Postby ciwe » Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:20 pm

Hello everybody,
I'm writing the first time so let me say "Thank You!" to all developers of FG. I like it!

As a newbee I have some trouble to get a Wingman Scenario with the C-160 working.
I wrote a Scenario file which loads three models from
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and the do appear but there is a shadow under the fuselage, the props aren't spinning, there is no sound (except when the formation breaks up) and the condenser trails above 3000ft aren't visible.

I removed the shadow by copying the original model file to c160-AI.xml and removed the shadow tag but with the props and trails I'm asking for your help.
After I've started FG in multiplayer mode and loaded the Scenario I can manually spin up the props by setting the
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property but how can I do this on the XML-File level?

It's s my understanding if it is loaded as an aircraft that I can fly, the
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Code: Select all

which has the model tag for
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and some animation stuff that I don't understand yet, is done in the c160-base.xml and needs to be in my Models/c160-AI.xml file.

I tried to use the Systems/c160-base.xml in the Scenario model tag but if I use it the crafts aren't loaded?!?

Thank you for any hints.


Windows 7 Pro
FG 2017.2.1

Code: Select all
"C:\Program Files\FlightGear 2017.2.1\bin\fgfs.exe"  ^
--fg-root="C:\Program Files\FlightGear 2017.2.1\data" ^
--fg-scenery="C:\Program Files\FlightGear 2017.2.1\data\Scenery" ^
--fg-aircraft="%USERPROFILE%\Documents\FlightGear\Aircraft\org.flightgear.fgaddon\Aircraft" ^
--terrasync-dir="%USERPROFILE%\Documents\FlightGear\TerraSync" ^
--disable-terrasync --time-match-real ^
--enable-hud --disable-anti-alias-hud ^
--enable-real-weather-fetch --disable-fgcom --fog-fastest ^
--airport=ETSA --runway=25 --aircraft=c160 --offset-distance=0.0 ^
--enable-ai-models --enable-ai-traffic ^
--ai-scenario=C160_Wingman ^
--prop:/sim/rendering/multithreading-mode=AutomaticSelection ^
--callsign=Mouse --multiplay=out,25,,5000 --multiplay=in,25,,5000
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