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flight gear won't run correctly on windows 10

Installing FlightGear, scenery, aircraft etc. on Windows.

flight gear won't run correctly on windows 10

Postby oldsoldier » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:07 am

I have installed and uninstalled flight gear 2018 3.2 four times from different sources; all have the same results. The download load's on my computer correctly but when I start the program I get a small square in the center of my display that is multi colored, like looking thru a colidescope (spelling). I guess a better example would be an eye exam where you are shown a card with multi colors and you have to pick out a number or letter faintly visible. Flight gear get me this far then I wait and watch (in the background) a sentence at the bottom of the display that says "loading scenery" ; when that finishes in about 5 minutes I have to click on the display 5 or 6 times with my mouse and then the intro screen comes on as it should. The last time the 172 cessna came up but the dash controls didn't work.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690-00xx
Processor Amd Rysen 7
1700 Eight-core Processor
3.00 GHZ
16 MB Ram
64 bit
Windows 10 home ver 1803
Display G276hl running at 1920x1080
Radeon RX 550 8gb ram Display adapter
Thanks for any help in advance
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