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hello aviators! help

Installing FlightGear, scenery, aircraft etc. on Mac.

hello aviators! help

Postby fangzz » Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:09 pm

just getting started. can't believe this cool site. i'm a bit handicapped with an older mac os-x with 10.4.11 and x1600 graphics, but....

this is my friends machine, i'm a pc user, so i'm not completely familiar with it's use (but already i'm more familiar than she is, with her own machine...not bragging, but it's a little frustrating). Anywayyyy....

I'm a pilot, and she wants to be. So, this sounded great. Downloaded 2.0 for her yesterday. Won't start up at all. just gives a notice that 'Adobe can't open the file.' Should fg open with adobe? Well, I got into the forums to start looking at what might be up, and found several things. First, you folks are really great and seem very helpful (simba, you've the patience of a saint), and second, I probably should have gone for 1.9. So, I'd like to hear from someone on those two issues and then I'll stumble on from there.

This seems much more fun than plonking down $30 for msflight sim. Hope someone would like to help me. Drew
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Re: hello aviators! help

Postby someguy » Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:16 am

Drew, with X1600 video, you're definitely better off with 1.9.1. If/when you try multiplayer mode with 2.0, the frame rate will drop to an unusable 3 fps or worse at times.

If you want to keep the 2.0 version, rename it so it won't be overwritten.

Download the disk image for 1.9.1 from here: ... 1-r232.dmg

A disk image is treated as an external disk drive, and will appear on the Mac desktop. Mount the image (the .dmg file) by doubleclicking on it, wait for its Finder window to open, then drag the file to the Applications folder.
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