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Flightgear AppImage

Postby enrogue » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:05 pm

I was looking at the various cross-platform package formats for Linux & found that AppImage was nearly there with FlightGear support (thanks to Saiarcot)

I had a go at getting it working & have hacked together a mostly working AppImage

The yml recipe is here: ... r.yml?dl=0

It builds from the xenial ppa (currently at 2018.3.1) grabbing all dependancies except libqt5svg5, which I added manually
It also adjusts the desktop file so that AppImage doesn't barf on the kde keywords & the version number, then makes qt look in the bin directory by creating an empty qt.conf & symlinking the plugins etc into there

I used xenial rather than trusty as the trusty build has no Qt launcher

The 2 issues it has are:

- not picking up the desktop colour theme - probably something I've missed in Qt
- redoing the nav database every startup - this would probably require a patch to flightgear

I did a basic test on a Manjaro virtual machine & it started fine but had issues with font colours - I'd be interested in peoples feedback as I only tried it with Manjaro Budgie & I don't know much about the themes etc there

A full AppImage is here ... Image?dl=0

If you want to build it yourself then grab the yml file above & pkg2appimage from

then run pkg2appimage FlightGear.yml

caution - it will grab everything it needs from the ubuntu package repository
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