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Installing FlightGear, scenery, aircraft etc. on Linux systems like Ubuntu.

copying installation to another computer (Linux)

Postby jam007 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:07 am

I used the installation script to compile and install FG on my Ubuntu 12.04 64bit laptop. Now I would like, if possible, to copy the files needed to run FG to my desktop also running Linux 12.04 64bit (since it has better graphics and larger screen...).
1) Is it possible to do?
2) What files should I in that case copy?
3) Is there other dependencies that I would need. (Have FG 2.4 installed on the desktop)
I will do developing on the laptop so its the files needed to run he simulation and fgrun I want to copy.
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Re: copying installation to another computer (Linux)  

Postby Hooray » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:01 pm

yes, that's definitely possible (done that even for different architectures and distros out of laziness...)- if both computers use the same architecture and distro, you can even reuse the build folders without rebuilding things there - otherwise, you need to run "make clean && make" in each folder to update things. Obviously, that assumes that you are using the same file system location.

Regarding dependencies, the d&c script has quite a few - but these are normally pulled in automatically during the first run, so you may want to copy/paste (i.e. extract) this section of the script and run it first to make sure that all required tool & libs are available on the 2nd computer, too.
That would give you a full build environment then.

If you just need the executables on the 2nd computer, you should copy the build folders. I'm not sure how exactly the d&c script handles SG and OSG here, because these would normally be "installed" (i.e. in a custom location).

I'd suggest to take a look at the script and get in touch with brisa (who's the developer of the d&c script), he can probably provide additional info or maybe even add some features to it for this particular use-case. For example, pulling in the required tools & libs could definitely be a separate step and made available as such (if it isn't already).

EDIT: Already supported by the script, see: ... ed_options
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