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FAQ: Screenshots

Screenshots, videos, sound recording etc. taken in/with FlightGear.

FAQ: Screenshots

Postby Gijs » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:06 pm

Taking screenshots in FlightGear?
In FlightGear, press the F3-key to take a screenshot of the entire FlightGear screen. You might want to hide the menu (F10) first.

Posting screenshots on this forum
Upload your screenshot somewhere on the internet. This can be your own server, or some free filehosting service, like:
Then, copy the direct (!) url that is presented (Right mouseclick on image > Properties to find the direct url) and post it at the forum, between [ img] tags. Your post should look similar to:
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Please note that one post can exist of multiple images. There is no need to post per image. And please make use of the "preview" button before submitting your post.

Clickable images
An image can act as a redirect to an internet address. Just place a normal link around the img tags, like:
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Dropbox note
Make sure to change the "dl=0" parameter to "dl=1" for images to show, like:
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