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Fun and games with a Ka50 [Warning: simulated violence]

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Fun and games with a Ka50 [Warning: simulated violence]

Postby chriscalef » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:54 am

(Really wanted to say "Trigger Warning" but I ran out of characters.) :twisted:

Anyway, just a little work video demonstrating the use of a Ka50 running in FG, piping out UDP packets to a Torque3D instance. Simulated humans run openSteer for steering and a recast nav mesh for navigation. PhysX for ragdolls and projectiles.

The rules: hover the Ka50 over the fuel cans for a certain amount of time, then fly around the factories, and then come back and kill all the humans as quickly as possible, and land on the last one. This match thrown off by the unexpected disappearance of the last two runners.

[EDIT: apologies for the rotor blades not switching properly, and overall terrible production values... work vid.]

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