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FlightGear Screenshot of June 2016

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Re: FlightGear Screenshot of June 2016

Postby Johan G » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:21 am

biloute974 wrote in Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:43 am:
Johan G wrote in Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:33 pm:Sorry, but rule 7...

Just cropping. I used Rembrandt and CatIII minimum view.

I was not aware that effect could be brought out using Rembrandt. Seeing this post of yours and the topic Rembrandt Bloom it think I owe you an apology. :oops:
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Re: FlightGear Screenshot of June 2016

Postby biloute974 » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:50 am


no problem, it's true that it is confusing. Have a good day :)
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