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Flightgear integration with projectFLY?

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Flightgear integration with projectFLY?

Postby G-UNTER » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:47 pm

As some of you may have heard, projectFLY is a new virtual flying application developed by some big streamers in Flight Sim.

It seems like a great tool (not trying to advertise :lol: ), and I was wondering if anyone's looked into possible integration of the app with flightgear. For example, the radar tracking and flight dispatching services seem very appealing, although I am unsure whether or not these would be applicable to Flightgear. Other sims such as p3d, fsx and xp11 have already been integated. If anyone wants to take a look at this service, I've linked it here:

Again, not trying to advertise or anything, but I feel it could help encourage more of us to fly and use Flightgear!!
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