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AI Carrier controls

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AI Carrier controls

Postby Thorsten » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:27 am

As discussed a while ago on the mailing list, I've now converted our AI carrier controls to the scheme that has been introduced with Truman.

For everyone's information, the differences are:

* the control dialog is per carrier, reflecting the features the carrier actually supports (more for Truman, less for Nimitz)
* it can be brought up either by clicking on the 3d model bridge or via a GUI dropdown list of all carriers in the vicinity
* carriers can now be steered individually onto launch, recovery and base course, the setting in the carrier-specific dialog will only affect the specific carrier commanded (it's fun to watch two battle groups doing different things...)
* clickspots on the carriers can alternatively to the GUI be used to control things like JBDs, elevators and lights
* JBDs are no longer commanded automatically when the launchbar engages (or down after launch) - use the clickspot or the GUI for the task

The old AI Carrier dialog does not mesh well with this scheme and has been removed from the menubar.

I suppose for most purposes this will make things easier, especially things like clickspot-commanded elevators have been rather useful in my tests.
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