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Question about editing NavAids

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Question about editing NavAids

Postby mrshr3d » Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:11 am


I hope I am posting this to the correct area, feel that it didn't really fall into the Support (Troubleshooting) area.

I am tinkering with the nav.dat.gz file, and have managed to successfully add a VOR-DME that was missing quite easily. However, I am struggling to add an NDB-DME. I can successfully add the NDB part of it, but I cannot get the DME part with frequency to show on the map.

The explanation re the format of nav.dat ( ... 20Spec.pdf) says to use ID 13:

"13 Stand-alone DME, or the DME component of an NDB-DME Frequency will displayed on X-Plane’s charts"

So the line I added was:
13 -15.44641558 145.18775001 26 11170 80 0.0 CKN COOKTOWN NDB-DME

I thought to look at an existing example of this, and tested starting at COOMA (YCOM) airport, which has the following line:
13 -36.35430600 148.95769400 3117 11400 75 0.0 COM COOMA NDB-DME

But again, does not show the icon or the frequency on the Map. (Wondering if Flightgear does not implement this feature as described in the X-Plane nav.dat document?)

Interestingly, it does show the icon on the Map (Canvas) in 3.2, but that doesn't show any frequencies (presume it will in the future?).

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