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Ideas for small programming project for Flightgear

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Ideas for small programming project for Flightgear

Postby Manfred » Sun May 18, 2014 2:19 pm

I have a programming course in school and we need to create some sort of simulation, displaying process or flight simulation, and thought it would be cool if I could somehow tie this into Flightgear.

    - It has to be in Python.
    - It should preferably or to some degree be stand-alone, or at least be able to be sent with some demonstration file or similar.
    - Should not be a excessively large undertaking.
1) My first idea was coding something like a new version of Atlas (since there doesn't appear to have been an update since 2006?), but there's FGMap, so I'm wondering if this is a good idea at all and would just create multiple systems. That being said, FGMap doesn't seem to show waypoints and such properly, but then again the Flightgear map utility does.

2) Another idea I had was trying to create something like standalone program for instruments, that might be able to display airspeed etc. fed to it from Flightgear, so that you could run the program on a raspberry pi connected to a screen to get the instruments from a computer running flightgear, rather than running the whole software. Once again, I'm not sure if this this is an idea at all and/or been done before.

3) The third idea I had (perhaps completely unrealistic) was to try and create a program which creates Airport Charts showing SIDS/STARS from the Flightgear data, outputting it as a PDF which you can print out and use. Don't seem to find anything like this, but I'm unsure that it may be required or that sufficient data is available. (Update: Just noticed that there's an Airport Diagram Generator)

Anybody have any other ideas of what may be a good spot to fix where I could help out where I perhaps could code something to solve a 'real' problem or issue? I realise the source code is in C++ but I'm not quite there yet so this may be seen as a stepping stone perhaps to future contributions. Opinions/ Ideas welcome (and feel equally free to tell me if you don't think this ties in at all)
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Re: Ideas for small programming project for Flightgear

Postby Hooray » Sun May 18, 2014 3:29 pm

1) we have several variants of those, like you say - including a new web-based map, but also the upcoming MapStructure framework
2) see fgpanel/fgcanvas:
3) we have that too, check the wiki - look for Airport:

probably some kind of property tree interfacing via python would be simple enough
sorry, cannot write much ATM, mobile device ...
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