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Top Cups on GameSprout

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Top Cups on GameSprout

Postby Couby » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:43 am

Hi flying friends,

My last lines on this forum, several years ago, was about Red Bull Air Race FlightGear capabilities (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=12798).
I contacted Red Bull and they was interested in the project. Yet they asked me to wait for a relaunch of real Red Bull Air Races in 2012.
We are in 2013, still no Red Bull Air Race back, and no news from them.

End 2011 I made some "experiments" in eSports field, more particularly discovering League Of Legends.

From that time I dream about such an air race game, simple, effective, where players can rapidely be in action for relatively short game sequences (20 - 40 minutes), with a track of performances and matchmaking system for pilots competing at their right skill and level in order to progress.

For that I think some mechanisms of League Of Legends are a good inspiration source, even if there are many many things to build in concept field to virtual air races.
I'm also still convinced FlighGear is THE sim engine to go for such a project...

Beside all this, I'm also passioned in game design. I read books and more particularly appreciate a Jesse Schell one. I've also organised many competitions in the air combat flight field (on Falcon4) for nearly 15 years. All this absolutely don't make me an expert :oops: , just a passioned guy not just dreaming but also coming to action.
Jesse Schell team recently launch (at beta stage). This is a place to share and build games in a collaborative way.
I think it is in the essence of open-source spirit to work on projects that way, a collaborative and share way.
So I thought it would be natural to work on that project through that platform, and started to submit the idea of that type of game as "Top Cups" : .

I think there are many types of cups and air races to developp, from fun ones where speed and agility are the rule to more intellectual ones where aeronautic sense, wind and fuel management is more important.

I would have many many things to say about this idea :oops: ...

If it sounds interesting for you, not just only the game idea (not really new I guess) but also the approach, feel free to support that project on gamesprout. You can simply vote you would play this game if it exists, if that's the case of course :oops: . You can also contribute more in many other ways (art, programming, ideas...).

Thank you for your reading, and wishing you a nice day or night :).

Note : I'm really far to have expressed all my game design ideas on gamesprout for Top Cups, I'm still discovering a bit the plateform...
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