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Scenery and Terramaster

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Re: Scenery and Terramaster

Postby Nandoo » Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:33 pm

Ok thank you! Hopefully this should work :D
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Re: Scenery and Terramaster

Postby wkitty42 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:24 pm

by deleting the original scenery location path, all you've done is remove access to the default scenery that comes with FG... you'll have to download it again into the new directory before you fly there...

here's the thing(s):
1. there's default scenery that comes with FG so you can fly immediately without having to download scenery. without scenery, the world is nothing but water.

2. there's the built-in terrasync which downloads scenery on-the-fly but may be slow on some internet connections. terrasync adds to the existing default scenery but places the new scenery in its own special directory.

3. you can have multiple scenery directories... you might have one for certain custom scenery so that you don't pollute your existing scenery. by keeping the custom scenery separate, it makes it easier to remove that custom scenery later if you decide you no longer want it.

4. there are several methods of downloading scenery. terramaster and are two of them that are external to FG and its built-in terrasync. there are a few others but these three, terrasync, terramaster, and, are the recommended ones to use.

5. you can have multiple external scenery tools managing the scenery in your scenery path.

6. if you use terrasync, you can use its scenery as long as it is enabled. if you disable terrasync, FG won't know about the terrasync directory any more and that scenery will not be available... for you to be able to use that scenery without terrasync, you manually add the terrasync directory to the scenery paths so that FG will find it no matter if terrasync is enabled or not.
[aside: personally, i think the terrasync directory should be included all the time by FG no matter if terrasync is enabled or not. by having it, this hump in the learning curve will be eliminated and folks will be happier.]

7. what we've tried to describe is to add the existing terrasync directory to the scenery path list and then to use terramaster to update it when you want to. this way you can use the terrasync scenery with and without terrasync enabled AND you can update it as it is enhanced AND you can add new scenery areas to it when you decide to fly to other places you do not already have downloaded. the idea being that you don't have several directories with the same scenery in it. this is especially useful when you learn that the entire world scenery is some 80+Gigs in size.

does that help? i think i'm leaving something out but this should work for now... ask more questions for clarification if needed :)
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Re: Scenery and Terramaster

Postby Nandoo » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:24 am

Thank you so much guys!! You are all absolute LEGENDS!!!!!!! You have been the most helpful people I have met(More helpful than the fg wiki for sure... :roll: )
I loaded up FG today and the scenery is loading!!!! Thanks to all of your help!! I'll be sure to come here if I ever need help again!! Thank you once again :D :D
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Re: Scenery and Terramaster

Postby wlbragg » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:23 pm

If I created a new folder for explicitly the Terramaster scenery to go to, then in the addons tab pointed it to that folder, would that be OK?

Yes, that would be OK, but as @wkitty42 pointed out, there appears to be no ill effects of "helping" TerraSync" update it's scenery by adding "default" world scenery to it manually. However, "custom" scenery that doesn't match the default or TerraSync" scenery might have ill effects or simply be overwritten by TerraSync if it were to be turned on. Thus why the best approach might be to keep your "custom" scenery in a separate stand alone folder.
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Re: Scenery and Terramaster

Postby Nandoo » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:24 pm

Ok, I'm sorry if I should have started a new post, but I've encountered some problems. I downloaded the whole of the UK, and only certain airports would load. EGPH would load for example, but not EGLL. And, Terramaster seems to be getting stuck if I ask it to synchronise a lot of tiles, not a whole continent or something, but i'll select France, Spain and italy to download, but it gets stuck at around 10-20% I know it's stuck because I will leave the display on overnight to download it and it won't be downloaded when I wake up (about 8 hours). I downloaded Spain individually, and it didn't get stuck. But nothing will load, I really would appreciate some help.

Here are my screenshots
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