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Acronym Service for your VA

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Acronym Service for your VA

Postby Necolatis » Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:37 pm

Need a name for your VA? Or need to rename your VA?

I have made a program that generates acronyms. I am not sharing the code, not yet anyways.
But I can generate for you, it has more features than any online generation tool I have seen for free on the Internet.

You just need to supply me some info. I feed it some words: mandatory, optional, binding and can set synonyms/mutual excluding words too.
Also it can handle some words knowing they have to be connected. And it can be set to output only certain acronyms, for example only acronyms that's also in English dictionary. Plus more.

Example of how it works:
Use comma to list variants of words that will be mutually exclusive (typically used for synonyms).
Use space to separate words that always should be clumped together.

// list of words that MUST be present.
mandatory = {"Airlines,Air,Air Lines,Airways"}

// list of words that MIGHT be present
optional = {"Group,Holdings", "Global,Intercontinental", "Cargo,Express"}

// list of words that can bind other word together, they will not be part of the acronym. They will never be first or last, and never more than 1 in row.
// typically words like: of, for, from
binding = {}

minimum = 3;// min number of acronym letters.
maximum = 6;// max number of acronym letters.
maxSame = 3;// max same number of same vowels/consonants in row. Is only a hint, multi-words might sometimes produce more. Mostly used when useDict = false to make somewhat pronounceable acronyms.
useDict = true;// supply a dictionary.txt file, and if true only acronyms that are words in that dictionary will be output. (if you want this option on then unless you supply me with some words, I will just use English dictionary)

Output for above example:

EGAL - Express Global Air Lines
CHIA - Cargo Holdings Intercontinental Airways
CHIA - Cargo Holdings Intercontinental Air
CHIA - Cargo Holdings Intercontinental Airlines
EGAL - Express Group Air Lines
GAE - Global Airways Express
GALE - Global Air Lines Express
GAE - Global Air Express
GAE - Global Airlines Express
GAGE - Global Airways Group Express
GAGE - Global Air Group Express
GAGE - Global Airlines Group Express
GAG - Global Airways Group
GAG - Global Air Group
GAG - Global Airlines Group
GAL - Global Air Lines
HEAL - Holdings Express Air Lines
HAE - Holdings Airways Express
HALE - Holdings Air Lines Express
HAE - Holdings Air Express
HAE - Holdings Airlines Express
GAE - Group Airways Express
GALE - Group Air Lines Express
GAE - Group Air Express
GAE - Group Airlines Express
GAGE - Group Airways Global Express
GAGE - Group Air Global Express
GAGE - Group Airlines Global Express
HAG - Holdings Airways Global
HAG - Holdings Air Global
HAG - Holdings Airlines Global
GAG - Group Airways Global
GAG - Group Air Global
GAG - Group Airlines Global
GAL - Group Air Lines
ALE - Air Lines Express
AGE - Airways Global Express
AGE - Air Global Express
AGE - Airlines Global Express
AGE - Airways Group Express
AGE - Air Group Express
AGE - Airlines Group Express

Yet cannot make recursive acronyms by design.
Only uses first letter of a word. So "FlightGear" will become 'F', and "Flight Gear" will become 'FG'.
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Re: Acronym Service for your VA

Postby legoboyvdlp » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:02 pm

TBH, usually airlines just go by three letter codes, by ICAO standard. EG - BAW vs BA (IATA)
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