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RM Airlines

Postby Lincoln » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:28 pm

RMAirlines a Virtual Airline created by RubengamesenvlogNL and Micaaaahh.

We have a discord server to interact with each other! Our link is

Our hub is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or EHAM.

We fly these routes normally. And the aircraft used for the route is listed. We use the Boeing 737/747/787/A320neo for regular flights and the A380 for charter flights!


Amsterdam-New York John F Kennedy:Service suspended


Amsterdam-Dubai:Service suspended



Amsterdam-Istanbull:Suspended service

We also offer charter flights with the A380 here are those routes.


Amsterdam-Hong Kong:A380

More routes to come!

Ranklisting: Refer to this document. We want to have a clean post! ... 3BWVWhhV1E (its a notepad file but it works)

Liverys: Refer to this document: ... G9nQTVkY0E

If you only see liverys for the 737 that is because the others arent done. Or planes being retired and replaced.
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