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St Paul Airlines, the top bush and special operations VA

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St Paul Airlines, the top bush and special operations VA

Postby Yoland » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:52 am

Whatever is your simulator or your level, St Paul Airlines Virtual welcomes new pilots!
FS2004 – FSX – FSX/SE – P3D V. 1, 2, 3 &4 – Xplane 9, 10, 11 – Aerofly FS2

St Paul Airlines Virtual (SPA) is a very special airline offering a distinctive experience to the daring pilots!
Besides its 3 regular hubs in Minneapolis/St Paul, Miami and London Heathrow with more than 2’500 interesting flights on schedule for passengers, cargo and heavy jets, SPA has developed a unique range of “Special Operations” involving:
• The really largest bush and special operations department available
• Seaplane tours all over USA
• Postal Flights all over the World.
• Helicopter and taxi flights.
• Historic Flights.
• Round the World and other adventurous VFR tours such as Great Rivers, World discovery and hundreds of other theme flights.
• Operational and easy to use online multiplayer flights tools, + VATSIM for the more ambitious.
• Flying Club Teamspeak 3
• A basic fleet with the company’s livery.
• A special cargo & Freight division connected with an economy program.
• Close connections with other organizations with code share agreement or direct cooperation such as Misty Moorings. Virtualcol, Tasman airlines, etc.).
• Special discount for SPA Members on “Virtualcol aircrafts”.
• Adventures and challenges with awards system

Furthermore, presently we have more than 4’800 exciting VFR flights available in our amazing Special Operations Division. Thus joining our company is really a wise choice for any pilot enjoying to fly low and slow over these beautiful landscapes that our modern flight simulators can produce.
Additionally, SPA is very friendly and open minded, with a very friendly forum, and without cumbersome administrative harassment for it pilots.
FACTS: no obligation, no inquisitorial control, just the pleasure of flying freely!
Among all our activities select your flying style: low and Slow VFR flights with single or twin props aircraft, PMDG IFR heavy jets operations monitored by VATSIM, or anything in between.
When it comes to multiplayer online flying you can use the company’s own FSHOST system and communicate via TEAMSPEAK 3.
We also provide our exclusive and easy to use flight reporting system and recently we added an original “economy system” allowing our members to add a financial management side to their flight simulation hobby. Of course all these goodies are free and our pilots can choose to use them or not.
For more information, just visit our website.
We heartily welcome new pilots from anywhere in the World and our European friends should be aware that we also provide many flight’s programs covering European countries. As a matter of facts SPA is fully active in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. And if someone whispers "fly me to the moon" we could even do it!

Yoland Grosjean,
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Re: St Paul Airlines, the top bush and special operations V

Postby Oswald » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:44 pm

This invitation appealed to me, I gave it a try and I want to tell about it to repeat this invitation.

I experienced a very warm welcome, personal explanations and found a huge variety of interesting routes. As I am mainly interested in "low and slow" flying, bush operations etc., I was thrilled by the amount of interesting routes the SPA team has worked out all over the world.

St. Paul's is mainly used by FSX and P3d pilots, apparently I was the first FG user to show deeper interest. This made the webmaster adapt the ACARS program of the VA for FG, maybe I should say he wrote it new, as many things in FG appear to be quite different to those other sims. Now that this module (called SPAACARS) works fine, I want to encourage more FlightGear pilots to look into this, in particular if you like to:
Fly small and big aircraft,
Fly IFR or VFR
Learn more about formally correct approaches (but usually not with atc)
Get loads of proposal for interesting flight routes (bush, sea, commuter, medium and long range)
Enhance and control the quality of your flying (fuel burn, landing rates for soft landings, decent flight planning including formal flight plan for IFR flights)
Fly within a nice and encouraging team (though you usually do your flights alone, MP flights apparently are not very often done and for technical reasons as yet don't work in a combined environment for FSX and FG pilots)
Maybe take part in further developing the FlightGear adaptation.

ToDo list: There is a very interesting opportunity to do "Econ flights" with getting a realistic feedback about your flight automatically, this is not yet adapted to FG, but plans are running.
The "adventure packs" appear to be very interesting and adventurous, but depend on scenery and therefore would have to be newly set for the FG scenery with a huge amount of work, as yet I do not see that happening.

For me, it is much fun to fly with SPA, maybe some more FG pilots are interested to give it a try.
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Re: St Paul Airlines, the top bush and special operations V

Postby jer029 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:18 am

Greetings FlightGear Pilots:

Thank you to President/CEO Grosjean for the initial post, and to Oswald for his kind remarks. I'm pleased to say that I've continued to work on adapting our ACARS program (SPAACARS-FG) for FlightGear simulators with testing help by Oswald, and we've just released the beta program that allows FG users the ability to fly our new Economics Module that tracks profitability of flights. The earlier version allows general ACARS handling of active flight display on the Google-based map, and auto-upload of PIREP data following the flight.

I'm keeping informed as FlightGear continues to develop, and hope to continue improving offerings for FlightGear simmers as FlightGear simulator improves.

Feel free to stop by our VA for a look around, and if you like what you see, we'll be happy to welcome you aboard.

John Rogers
Webmaster/Human Resources
St. Paul Virtual Airlines
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Re: St Paul Airlines, the top bush and special operations V

Postby bbuske » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:24 pm

Are there liveries and aircraft model downloads for FG?

Other than that this sounds like a very interesting airline indeed.

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