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Binter Canarias Virtual Airline

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Binter Canarias Virtual Airline

Postby flycanarias » Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:41 pm

Hey folks, I'm going to set up a new virtual airline, derived from the real airline Binter Canarias.
Binter Canarias is a regional airline, flying at the Canary Islands, Spain. There are routes between all 7 islands, western Africa, Madeira, the Cap Verdes, the Azores,
as well as between several european cities.
The airline uses mostly ATR 72-500 Turboprops (for this VA, the omega ATR would be suitable), but also CRJ 200 and 900 in different liveries.
If you want to take part in this VA, contact me via PM. You'll get air charts, as well as liveries, schedules and other data.

Yours, flycanarias

(P.S.: there is a very nice custom scenery provided by D-ECHO and others (me as well) check it out)
Canary Islands Custom Scenery
Improvement of the AI Traffic for the Canary Islands Region
RoutePlans for the Eastern Atlantic (Azores, Madeira, Cap Verde, Canaries)
About to open a Binter Canarias VA
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