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Calling the greatest FlightGear pilots!

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Calling the greatest FlightGear pilots!

Postby DJFJ98 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:23 am

If you are reading this it is because you have the confidence to call yourself a GREAT flightgear pilot. Global Virtual Airlines wants pilots just like YOU. From Twin Otters to 747 freighters, GVA is THE virtual airline. As the Director of Public Relations for Global and long time virtual pilot, I can guarantee three things to the prospective Global pilot:

1. We have MANY approved aircraft. You are guaranteed to find more than one that suits you well.
2. We have an ABUNDANCE of routes. We have so many routes that we need more great pilots to fly them.
3. We offer FREEDOM. If our standard routes aren't quite for you, you may fly a charter flight between ANY of our many approved airports and with ANY of our approved aircraft.

I've known the Global crew for a long time. As a member of that crew, I can tell you first hand that, If you are interested in feeling what it is like to fill the shoes of a commercial pilot, WE LOVE YOU and WE WANT YOU! If you favor turbo prop aircraft like the DHC-600 Twin Otter or the Bombardier Dash-8, WE WANT YOU! If you wish to master the advanced systems of the 747-800 or the 777-200, WE WANT YOU! Imagine being able to task yourself with greasing the landing at a unique destination like St. Maarten and being CREDITED for it!

Finally, Global Virtual Airlines has the BEST and most HELPFUL team of any virtual airline in existence. We will personally make sure that the learning curve is gentle and that every flight MATTERS. We get to know our pilots on a first name basis, and not just by their callsign or IP address. When you accomplish something, Global will recognize you. My peers here at GVA have VAST experience in EVERY avenue of virtual aviation and would welcome the addition of more great pilots like you. Stop by our website and fly for us today.

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