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BRT is active again - and looking for new pilots!

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BRT is active again - and looking for new pilots!

Postby UKRAINE » Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:49 pm

BRT, 100% Flightgear since 1st November, 2010!
BRT is active again, already 2 Multipayer events have occurred, and the new summer season has involved many pilots again.

BRT needs new pilots! In BRT, each pilot can make a huge change and become part of the BRT team.

It will take 2 minutes :mrgreen: !

Each pilot that joins the BRT facebook group and gets a callsign - will get his voice heard in the BRT community. Note that BRT tries to balance freedom and realism in the airline system, so although its operations are not ultra-realistic, by giving that up the pilot enjoys more freedom e.g. - charter flights, any aircraft on a flight etc. (more info on facebook group page)

Our new 2014 Summer fleet:

A320neo x 10
A330 x 5
A340-600HGW x 5
B737-300 x 10
B747-8i x 5
B777 x 5
B787 x 5
CRJ700 x 5
DHC6 x 10

BRT Always has numerous (with high attendance) events on Multiplayer. Join the facebook group to know more about that.

Thanks to
BRT0185 For attending the last event.

A340-600HGW - produced by BRT0005, with BRT livery : Download on his site:

New liveries to come for the fleet as well! MAYBE this August
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BRT Flight Operations, Co- founder of BRT - Bogdan Tsupryk
Join BRT Virtual Airlines ! Active airline over 2,500 flights COMPLETED and over 100 pilots!
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