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Discussion about creating 2d and 3d cockpits.

3D cockpit

Postby exedore6 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:13 pm

I'm trying to get my head around aircraft development, so I've been looking at a plane in FGAddons that could use a bit of work, the T38 (been using 2018.3.2)

The 2d cockpit loads up, but if I look around, it gets replaced with nothing (just the aircraft model). I can fiddle with the cockpit settings and it'll go back.

My questions are,
1) Is that just an indication that there is no 3d cockpit for that aircraft at the time?
2) Is it possible to 'lock' an aircraft to its 2d view (I was hoping virtual cockpit would do that, but it doesn't look like it)?
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