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Caribbean Airlines liveries

Postby plsneguy » Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:56 pm

Hey Guys, I created this forum because lately i am from the Caribbean and i love Flight gear but it not really fun using one Caribbean airline (WInair) I want to use more Caribbean airline like western air (Saab 340, Erj-145) Sky Bahamas (Saab 340) Bahamasair( atr-42, atr-72, 737-500 and 737-700) Caribbean airline (737-800) liat (atr-42 and atr-72) I hope you guys can do this so i can enjoy flying theses liveries in the Caribbean region :D
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Re: Caribbean Airlines liveries

Postby D-ECHO » Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:17 pm

Hi plsneguy and welcome to the forum!

There are some people around regularly painting liveries, so you might be lucky and someone wants it too and creates it. Otherwise, you'll have to do it yourself - but don't be afraid: It's not that difficult.

Here are the links to the livery/paintkit pages for the aircraft you mentioned:
Saab 340: not existing in FlightGear as far as I know
Liveries: ... /Liveries/ (included when downloading the aircraft)
Paintkit: ... ure.xcf.gz
Paintkit: ... intkit.xcf
Liveries and Paintkit:
Liveries and Paintkit:
Liveries and Paintkit:
also see an updated 737-800 here:

You will notice that most/all of the paintkits are in .xcf format. This is GIMP's ( native format. You can use or other liveries as a base and use gimp to "paint" the new livery on it - that's one of the easy ways for getting into development.

Have fun!
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