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Livery change. Performance improvements.

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Livery change. Performance improvements.

Postby Necolatis » Mon May 02, 2016 7:25 am

The wiki says:

For livery changing it seems to be important to parent all objects with the same texture. In Blender select all objects and press Ctrl+p to make it parent to the last selected. E.g.: fuselage and doors with the same texture: select at first the doors and then at last the fuselage and press Ctrl+p.

Can anybody confirm that this trick improves the performance?

If so, putting them in under an empty parent, will that do the same?

If I have no parents at all, but just one flat structure, will that do the same trick, or does the trick only work when the all the siblings share the same texture, and none of them have a different texture?
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