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Autopilot/autothrottle problems with IDG A320

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Autopilot/autothrottle problems with IDG A320

Postby MosesKhan » Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:02 pm

Hi, title. Every time I take off, the speed invariably increases into the Vne and above, and causes the aircraft to climb sharply and disengage autopilot. Upon attempting to land, It sometimes takes over control even if Autothrottle is off and the minute my veolicty nears 140 knots it just shoots up into the air and climbs right up full throttle, meaning landing almost always makes me need a go around.

I think its more me not doing something right and less the plane itself, but I would like to ask if there were instructions that let me understand how the autothrottle works. I learnt mostly via Osjcag's youtube videos, for the 777 which I can fly at least on flightgear.

2) zthis reminds me, which is the best 747-8F/i and 787 to be found on flightgear? I saw a thread where someone was making new meshes etc, but I can't tell if it is implemented in the fgAddon/default hangar version. I would again need Ap/AT tutorials for this as well.

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Re: Autopilot/autothrottle problems with IDG A320

Postby V12 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:48 pm

After take off, You need move throttle lever from TOGA - full power to CLIMB position, on primary display You will see green THRCLB :


This lever position is for fully managed autothrottle. Before takeoff You should make basic config of the flight computer - enter Depart / Destination, Cost Index and Flight level. Then You need switch speed and heading to Managed mode (Left Mouse Button), select desired altitude, then take off, in RADALT higher than 500 feets engage autopilot and Right Mouse Button click on Altitude selector.

Bus is computer with wings, not airplane :twisted: and its control philosophy is very different from Boeing...
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