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TransGear Airways format survey?

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Which format do you prefer for TransGear Airways events?

Poll ended at Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:42 pm

I like the old format with two separate hubs (and maybe a third coming).
I like the new format with the dual hubs and the traffic running between Atlanta and Indianapolis.
I don't have a preference. I like either one.
I don't have a preference. I dislike both.
No votes
Total votes : 9

TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby MD-Terp » Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:42 pm

So now that we've done the new TGA format once, here's the ultimate question... which format do you prefer? Choose above, and please discuss your answer.

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Re: TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby yourgod » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:32 pm

I'm honestly torn. I could live with either. It wasn't much different than the old format in that those who went to KIND 1st had little interaction with those who went to KATL first, other than passing each other in the air. So I don't think the goal of interacting with everyone in the event was really met.

I did enjoy the fact I got to interact with 2 different ATC's in one event. If anything was going to tip me in favor of the new format, it would be that. On the other hand, the new format requires much more time commitment.

I vote for the new format, but it's not by a large margin.
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Re: TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby Tuxklok » Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:31 am

I like the idea of the new format, might take a another event or so to fully 'grow' into and tweak it...but I think it has good potential. I see the new format as being able to give a more realistic experience with overlapping arrivals and departures, multiple atc, and so on. I think as it goes forward and more people join and participate it will only get better as well.

Now if flightgear would just stop spazzing out on me during tga events....or maybe I'll just have to start practicing atc otherwise... :)

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Re: TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby redneck » Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:43 am

I have to agree with the majority as well. I know this can be tweaked be better. I've even made suggestions in the TGA9 event topic. I like the idea of at least having the pilots have the opportunity to have a completely controlled flight, aside from ARTCC.
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Re: TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby Lukosius » Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:02 am

Yes I like the new concept but there's three areas which I would like to see looked at...

1) Tweaking the concept in a way that ALL pilots potentially could be at the same hub at the same time (barring delays etc), as yourgod was getting at....
yourgod wrote:It wasn't much different than the old format in that those who went to KIND 1st had little interaction with those who went to KATL first, other than passing each other in the air. So I don't think the goal of interacting with everyone in the event was really met.

I think this could be achieved by having all flights between the two hubs in the 'same direction'.

KMSY-KATL-KIND-KBUF etc etc etc etc

It will result in more activity at each hub, which will replicate real life a little bit more. Also, if you had a month where you were a little short of ATC controllers, you could just about get away with only 1 or 2 in a worse case scenario as they could switch from one hub to the other after all aircraft had left the first hub.

It has the potential to see 10-15 aircraft all arriving/departing at the same airport within a small window (say 15-20mins). Very hectic and exciting for not only just the ATC, but also the pilots.

2) Following on from point (1), I would then look at more options for the 1st and 3rd legs. Mainly to give participants more flexibility with their time management. For example if a particular pilot was short for time but still wanted to complete three legs, he has the option of picking a short flight for legs one and three. For example KCLT-KATL-KIND-KORD. If it results in more than one pilot flying the same route for legs one or three, then so be it. It happens in real life and will add another consideration for those particular pilots.

3) Rotating Hubs. Why not look at different hubs each month. For example this month it was KATL & KIND. Maybe next month look at something like EDDM (Munich) and LSZH (Zurich). Or even somewhere in Asia (VHHH-ZGGG for example).

It will give pilots (and ATC's) more homework to do, and will allow a lot of us to fly routes we normally wouldn't.

The other stipulation I would have is a 300 mile limit between hubs. Then the hub-to-hub leg is reasonably short (ave 45mins), again providing more chance of interactivity and placing more pressure on the pilots and ATC's. What this will also do is give pilots that don't have much time a chance to fly three legs in less than two hours.

Just my thoughts to even further 'tweak' this great concept.
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Re: TransGear Airways format survey?

Postby nickyivyca » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:57 pm

Something that would be different and interesting would have two different lengths of flights-short flights (maybe a regional airline concept), and then longer flights. Each class of flights should generally have the same length, though. An expansion west could also be nice, but that's only when TGA's audience grows large enough to support that. A hub in high-altitude Denver would be at a good spot, for what I was thinking, but any expansion right now wouldn't be good, so the current format seems good now, though I haven't had any experience in any of them yet.
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