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22nd Aug An-124 trip

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22nd Aug An-124 trip

Postby ciwe » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:57 pm

Hi everybody,

tonight the 22nd Aug at 19:00 GMT (20:00 Berlin Time) we are meeting with
some pilots for flying Andino's An-124 a bit around.

The meeting Airfield will be EDDP in the South-West. The Parking positions
are named "201" - "206".

The general flightplan is to takeoff of 08R towards TAKOR or if the wind is
the other way around taking off of 26L towards DESAN. From there we turn
towards MTR or TAU (depending on METAR Infos) for landing at EDDF our first
refueling stop.

Hopefully we bring all birds near together at FL120, maybe even line them up,
to have a nice formation of this great Aircraft.

After refuling at EDDF we'll fly to LOWI via ANEKI, KPT and KTI08. Before
we'll reach KTI08 we'll turn east into the Inn-Valey for decent and landing
at LOWI.

You can get the model of the evening at Andino's page:
(thanks for your work Andino!)
To have similar responsive planes, please load them with all six containers,
all pilots and 110.000 lbs of fuel.

Basic performance envelope is based on

For comms we'll use text or preferably mumble
Port : 64738

First channel will be ATC/Europe/EDDP switching to EDDF
and at last to LOWI.

Hope to see ya.

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