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30th Dec WahamaLama Ding Dong........

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30th Dec WahamaLama Ding Dong........

Postby StuartC » Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:37 pm

30 Dec, 8pm UK Time, our Final FlightNight of 2017.

WhamaLama Ding Dong.


This is a simple flight as a launch party for our newly released SA-315B Lama. Available to download :- ... -315b-lama

No other choppers or aircraft permitted on this flight.

We will be cruising at around 100kts and up to 12000ft, so wrap up warm.

LOIR - Reutte Hoffen - Start point.
LOWZ Zell An See - Stop off point.
LOSM Mauterndori
LOKL Lienz Nikolsdorf
LOWI - Final Stop.

So, it simple and you just need to worry about bringing 1 chopper to the party, the Lama.

All voice coms will be using TS3. Server details:- ... er-details

There will be no type n die stuff going on while flying choppers.

Main event thread for updates:- ... dong#37285
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