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2nd Dec - Finding Newfoundland

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2nd Dec - Finding Newfoundland

Postby StuartC » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:56 pm

2nd Dec. 8pm UK time - Finding Newfoundland.


This event is only open to the FGUK Gazelle, found here :- ... nd-gazelle

Don't be upset if you turn up in something else and get placed on ignore. The Choice is simple, the Gazelle.

The Route:-

CYYT - St Johns - Starting position on one of the Heli pads.
Lat 47.634541 , long -52.980409 - Bell island
CYQX - Gander Int.
CDY£ Fogo - Stop for refuel and refreshments.
2B Springdale NDB
CYDF - Deer lake
CYJT - Stephenville int. Final destination.

We will need to fly hard so expect 140kts + and we will be running live weather unless its totally unmanageable.

All voice coms will be using TS 3 and as this is a chopper event there will be NO, I repeat NO typed coms. Again don't get upset if you don't receive responses on text.
TS server details:- ... er-details

Main event thread for updates:- ... wfoundland
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