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EGOD Mach Loop Challenge 18/03/17

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EGOD Mach Loop Challenge 18/03/17

Postby StuartC » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:26 am

FGUK FlightNight

EGOD Mach Loop

Saturday 18th March 2017

Start 20:00 - End 22:00 GMT

This flight will be in jets. ( if you are bringing something that's NOT in the FGUK Hanger, please post a link well in advance ).

Stage 1 - Moli's Loop
Stage 2 - Mach Loop
Stage 3 - Long Loop
Stage 4 - Mach Loop Unlimited

The long loop is a combination of Moli's Loop and the Mach Loop
400kts will be the speed for the demo test runs, then it is as fast as you can go all the way :evil:

Mach Loop score board ... mitstart=0

AI pack ... -challenge

Instal information, All 5 files in Mach-Loop go in data/AI
Then select the AI scenarios in game to activate them.

On Mac OSX in your home/name folder, Library/ApplicationSupport/FlightGear/
It will leave you a time log for each Loop. MachLoop-times.log MoliLoop-times.log

Example - 5.3.2017, 16:43:11, Neilson, Harrier-GR9, 250.74

Windows/Linax have the same files in the same-ish place.

Windows users the contents on the zip go in:-

All Coms on Team Speak ... er-details

mach loop and long loop video's coming soon[/center]
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