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World's hardest Approaches -1 |LOWI|24-12-2016|19:00Z

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World's hardest Approaches -1 |LOWI|24-12-2016|19:00Z

Postby Catalanoic » Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:41 pm

SHM wrote:Hi guys,

This Christmas eve we will kick off a new series of events called World's Hardest Approaches.

In World's Hardest Approaches, we will circle round the globe and try to land at some of the toughest airports.

Leg 1

For the inaugural flight, I've decided to chose our well known Innsbruck Airport (LOWI), because many of us have visited there many times and we get to see a splendid sight of the Alps along the way.

Departure : Vienna Int'l Airport (LOWW)
Arrival : Innsbruck Airport (LOWI)
Cruise Altitude : FL280
Cruise Speed : 0.75 mach
Route :
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Aircrafts of choice :
Any plane capable of maintaining close range with the pack.
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