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World Tour AND Fly-In

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World Tour AND Fly-In

Postby KeithHadden » Fri Oct 09, 2020 12:46 pm

World Tour AND Fly-In

Introducing a new multiplayer FlightGear event! A regular weekly event for ALL FlightGear pilots, whether you are a fledgling rookie pilot just finding your way or an experienced super ace this is for you. And if don't want to fly you can still come to the destination Fly-In airport to greet the intrepid aviators and watch as they arrive.

We are going to visit EVERY country that has an airport. The destination of the week's leg will be the venue for the week's Fly-In. This allows participants who do not want to fly the tour but would like to attend the Fly-In to depart from an airport of their choice.

You can fly any aircraft you please, be it a super quick Concorde or a leisurely paced Sopwith Camel. Each leg of the tour has been designed for a mid-range jet such as the Boeing 737, but, hey, there is absolutely NO restriction. If the leg or the tour is too long for a simple hop in your favourite aircraft then merely find somewhere enroute to stop and refuel, the choice is yours.

You are requested to ensure that you arrive at the destination by the specified time, give or take 30 minutes either side. (Times may vary from week to week.) We only request that you advise us on this forum topic which aircraft you will be using, and, if possible, where you sourced it, so that we can all download the model. We don't really want to see nerf gliders, do we? Also advise your departure time (and departure airport if not flying the World Tour leg)

The event is hosted by Charter Virtual Air, but you do not have to be a Charter pilot to take part. Communications during the event will be Audio/Visual/Text on , which is the preferred medium, or via Text on irc channel #CharterVA, or as a last resort, in plane multiplayer chat.

If anyone wishes to act as ATC, please let us know.

There are many, many countries to visit so the entire World Tour will take some considerable weeks.

Listed below are the first 5 legs and proposed dates and times of arrival (subject to change, of course.) PLEASE NOTE All times are in UTC

1. YMML - Melbourne, Australia to YMHB - Hobart, Australia - 17 October 2020 arrive 20h00 (332.92 nmi)
2. YMHB - Hobart, Australia to NZNV - Invercargill, New Zealand - 24 October 2020 arrive 20h00 (911.01 nmi)
3. NZNV - Invercargill, New Zealand to NZCH - Christchurch, New Zealand - 31 October 2020 arrive 20h00 (250.63 nmi)
4. NZCH - Christchurch, New Zealand to NZAA - Auckland, New Zealand - 7 November 2020 arrive 20h00 (402.37 nmi)
5. NZAA - Auckland, New Zealand to YSNF - Norfolk Island - 14 November 2020 arrive 20h00 (588.94 nmi)

Further information on the YMML to YMHB leg to follow.
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Re: World Tour AND Fly-In

Postby V12 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:58 am

Good idea, but not ideal locations :(
Terrasync scenery for YMHB is bit broken


NZNV is only runway and apron, without any objects, similar YSNF. For NZAA and NZCH I made scenery from shared FG models more than year ago, it is downloadable from my git at and
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Re: World Tour AND Fly-In

Postby Volador » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:07 pm

no flight this weekend? :(
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Re: World Tour AND Fly-In

Postby ePilot » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:15 pm

No not this weekend - its FG Hackathon weekend. We'll resume next weekend though. Hope to see you there.
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