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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

Postby praveen_nair » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:50 pm

Hello Flying Friends,

I am now ready to invest in a good yoke and pedals. I am looking to invest in the following yoke and rudder pedals. Would you please confirm if these are compatible and working with FlightGear? I would appreciate your feedback very much as accurate as possible. I dont want my sons start crying (3 and 4 years) if I get them so excited when the yoke & pedal receives at home and we spend hours toghether and gets upset if it dont work. If I dont receive any update from you friends, my only option will be to burn the candle alone by myself in the middle of the night when my sons are in deep sleep :)

I am looking to buys:
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals (PZ35)

Appreciate your great help and advice.

With Best Regards,

Praveen Nair
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Re: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

Postby sim » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:11 pm

Hi Praveen, Don't be surprised if the Saitek equip does not work the minute you unpack it and plug in! Saitek reps ideally should test their stuff out on Flightgear before selling it and place nice little xml files in the Flightgear joysticks folder ready for your use.........I wish!
In practice I doubt any of the manufactures have the good sense to do that. Reality is you probably will have to do most of the work yourself including delving into xml files for both yoke and pedals and re-writing scripts to suit your own preferences.
Forum members will help if you ask. Not many of us have both yoke and pedals. Most have joystick with twist axis for operating rudder. Many just fly by keyboard and mouse.
Sounds like both your sons are lucky to have a Dad prepared to work so hard for them!
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Re: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

Postby Tuxklok » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:39 pm

Looking in 'fgdata/Input/Joysticks/Saitek', I see the following files that seem to be for the devices you mention. I have no way to confirm for sure though, or know how well they work out of the box.

  • Pro-Flight-Quadrant.xml
  • Pro-Flight-Rudder-Pedals.xml
  • Pro-Flight-Yoke.xml
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Re: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

Postby Mac_The_Freak » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:00 am

I use both Yoke and Pedals and they should work out of the box on Windows and Linux.
The Yoke comes with one Three-Lever Throttle Quadrant which works as expected but if you intend to add some additional Throttle Quadrants you will have to adjust the xml-files in order to control multiple engines separately.
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